Medical Representative Online Blended Training


Online Blended Training Course combines elements of both, the classroom as well as online training. In this procedure, the training starts in the online mode and ends with Classroom Training. Here, students get the opportunity to learn the usage of online training techniques and also is privileged to clear their doubts in a physical classroom environment.

In the Online Blended mode students will start the training session from their home. Students will get access to pre recorded lectures, recording of live classes, class PPT, group discussion in audio & video mode. Doubts of students will be clarified individually with them through audio or video mode as needed.

The Online Blended Training delivery to students will conclude through Classroom lecture mode. Here students will get the opportunity to physically interact with the teachers and his / her class mates in a physical class environment and clarify all their doubts.


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    Difference between Class Room and Online Blended Training

    Sl. No. Feature Classroom Training Blended Training
    1. Delivery Mode Classroom Online + Classroom
    2. Training Venue Carreograph Campus Your Home + Carreograph Campus
    3. Training Duration 26 Classroom Session 18 Online + 8 Classroom Session
    4. Mentorship Mode Personal(1:1) Personal(1:1)
    5. Placement Assistance Full Full
    6. Study Kit includes Bag + Communication Book + Visual Aid + Ready Recomer Book Bag + Communication Book + Visual Aid + Ready Recomer Book
    7. E-Resource E-Books, Access to E-Presentations, Pre Recorded Lecturer and Access to Recording of Class Lectures E-Books, Access to E-Presentations, Pre Recorded Lecturer and Access to Recording of Class Lectures
    8. Hostel Facility Available Available

    Course Structure

    Medical Representative Online Blended Training Course Details:

    Total 26 Sessions

    18 Online session
    8 Classroom session

    Mock interview in Classroom mode

    Seminar participate in Classroom mode

    Medical Representative Course Details:

    Benefits of the Course:
    This course is taught through interactive sessions, powerpoint presentations, and live video-based inputs. This helps the students to have a clear conception about the job and thus they perform better in the interview board.
    The course will transform aspiring students into confident and communicative professionals who will be groomed to start their career as Medical Representative with renowned Pharma companies.
    The course will instill a sense of positivity in the students which in turn help the students to build up a positive mindset and attitude.
    Course will give the students a detailed overview of Pharmaceutical Industry.
    In-Built Scope for Spoken English Practice in the Course. Students are given maximum opportunity to speak to practice spoken English.
    Individually every student is guided as per his/her development area.
    Students from varied academic backgrounds are given a strong scientific knowledge by extensive use of audio- visual modules. Students get a thorough conceptual clarity on the subject.
    Clear understanding about the job of Medical Representative with the help of real time Video, so that students can answer any question of Interviewers about the Job.
    Simulated Mock Interview environment in order to give the students a feel a of real interview.
    They get the opportunity to rectify themselves and not to repeat the same mistake in the actual interview.
    Special communication and attitude development classes for all students.
    Interaction with Experts from Pharmaceutical Industry through regular seminars which enriches students with wealth of Information


    Medical Representative Course Eligibility: Graduates, below 25 years of age.

    Fees Structure

    Payment Type 1 Payment Type 2

    Rs. 25,000

    (Twenty Five Thousand only)
    If paid in one installment at the time of admission

    Rs. 28,000

    (Twenty Eight Thousand only)
    If paid in two Installment of Rs. 14,000 (at the time of admission)
    + Rs. 14,000 (after completion of one month training.)

    FAQ on Online Blended Training

    1What is Classroom training?
    Classroom training is the method of training where the trainer has direct communication with students in a physical environment. It is the most traditional method of imparting education. In this mode the students get the opportunity to clear their doubts immediately in the presence of the teacher.

    2What is online training?
    Online training is the method of training where the delivery of the trainers take place over the internet. It uses a variety of multimedia elements for communication.

    3What is Online Blended Training?
    Online Blended Training combines elements of both, the Classroom as well as online training. In this procedure, the training starts in the online mode and ends with Classroom training. Here, students get the opportunity to learn the usage of online training techniques and also is privileged to clear doubts in a physical Classroom environment.

    4Which training among the above is the best one?
    Different training are done to serve different purpose. For academic purpose like schooling, class room training is a best option. After high school when someone wants to learn new skills and techniques and the same is not available nearby in class room mode, then online training becomes the solution. However, a situation where online training is followed by class room training, student gets a better chance to clarify the doubts more effectively. So a combination of online and class room ie. Online Blended Training is surely a good choice.

    5I have never done online training. Will I be able to do it successfully?
    To pursue online training no added skills are required. Anybody who is in constant touch with social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube etc and internet platform will be able to pursue online training effectively.

    6How will I get the study material if I join online training?
    The study material will be delivered to you over the online platform like e-books, PPTs, pre-recorded lectures and videos. Hard copy mode of the same will be given to you.

    7Carreograph is famous for classroom Medical Representative training. Why you introduced this online version?
    Carreograph has excelled in providing Classroom medical representative training for many years. However, in order to overcome the lockdown situation and to ensure that our students face no loss in terms of time and academics, we introduced online training for the existing batch and received an overwhelming response. Equipped with this success, we have decided to introduce Online Blended Training for future batches as well.

    8How can I learn science subjects being a non-B.Sc?
    During my Classroom training will you provide hostel facility?

    9If I don’t understand any part of the online training, how can I clarify my doubts
    Students can ask their questions during the course of the online training itself and it will be answered by our trainers. Also, the trainers will reach out to every student after the classes personally and solve all their doubts whenever needed. However, if you still need more clarification on a particular topic, you can ask your queries when the Classroom sessions are held. This is the beauty of blended training

    10Will you give placement assistance to Online Blended students also?
    Carreograph is committed to the placement of all its students, irrespective of the nature of training they undergo.

    11What methods will you use to impart Online Blended Training?
    We will use popular media platforms like Google Duo, Whatsapp video calls. Zoom, Cisco Webex and conduct webinars to impart online training.

    12If the internet speed is slow where I stay, will it affect the Online Blended Training course?

    The Online Blended Training is composed of 3 parts.

    • A) Audio – Does not depend on internet speed
    • B) Video – Depend on internet speed. If you are able to do Facebook and view Youtube from your place, then you can happily do training.
    • C) Classroom – Does not depend on internet speed In rare situation where internet speed becomes a challenge during live session, you will the provided with recording of the same class or you will be given an additional class on the same subject, depending on the situation.

    13Will the Online Blended Training be as effective as Classroom Training?
    There is no substitute for Classroom training. However, considering the current scenario, Online Blended Training is the only method which can bridge the gap between the loss of time and a career which is unaffected even by the present course of events. Therefore, all aspiring Medical Representatives should make full utilisation of this opportunity.

    FAQ on Medical Representative Job

    1What are the criteria for choosing Medical Representatives by the companies?
    Subject knowledge

    2I am a non B.Sc –can I get a job?
    Any Graduates can get a job in Pharma Sector.

    3What would be the starting salary of a Medical Representative?
    Rs.8000/ – 20000/. Salary structures vary from company to company.

    4Do you give job guarantee?
    Carreograph will provide you interview opportunities, until & unless you get a job.

    5Do you give repeat placement?
    Only after completion of 6 months of fieldwork.

    6I am a weak communicator-how can I get a job?
    It’s a common problem. Your problem is that you suffer from Lack of confidence while speaking in English. Our Training methods will remove that fear from your mind and you will find your self in a position to speak. There will be Spoken English, Public Speaking and communication practice sessions in every class during your 2 months Training period.

    7How many companies do you have as your clients?
    You can refer to the attached Client list. All Blue Chip pharma companies regularly recruit Medical Representatives from Carreograph. We are having nearly 200 pharma companies who recruit Medical Representatives form Carreograph.

    8What is the normal time to become a 1st Line Manager?
    In this Industry promotion is absolutely based on performance. A good performer having leadership and team-building aptitude can expect to get a promotion within 2 years. There are several examples where a top company like Cipla has promoted Medical Representative to Area Manager within one year. This is not a regular practice, but it shows that performers are always rewarded.

    9How can I learn science subjects being a non-B.Sc?
    In our training we focus on explanations of science subjects in such a lucid manner with the help of audiovisual presentation – that even the non-B.Sc can also understand the concept. We also conduct regular ‘Practice’ sessions to help you remember the content and speak it.

    10I have heard that if I don’t achieve budget or target, my job will be at stake in this profession?
    As a Medical Representative you will have 2 targets – Activity Target & Sales Target.

    Activity Target – Meeting Doctors, Meeting Chemist, Meeting Stockiest

    Sales Target – Achieving, Sales Target (Eg. 1 lakh / month)

    As a Medical Representative activity target is within your control and sales will only be a consequence.

    Your job as a Medical Representative is to achieve your Activity Target which is very much within your control. In spite of achieving your Activity Target if Sales Target is not fulfilled, your Area Manager is there to guide you. Your job will never be a stake if you fulfill your Activity Target.

    11What would be the mode of communication in the classes? I am a Bengali medium student?
    This is also a valid point. We use very simple English in the classes that will be understood by you. We will encourage you to speak and practice in English .You can also speak English once you come out of the fear of speaking. Our Trainers may use Bengali on case to case basis for making you understand the subject but generally they use English as the mode of communication.

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