Carreograph Team Pharmaceutical Studies

Pranab Ray Chaudhuri

Mr. Pranab Ray Chaudhuri is the director Training & Management Studies of Carreograph Institute of Management Studies. Mr. Ray Chaudhuri was in the industry with the multinational company Roche, subsequently retired as a Deputy General Manager from Nicholas Piramal India Limited.
The success of the management studies division at CARREOGRAPH is predominantly due to the academic discipline and selection of best facilitators by Mr. Ray Chaudhuri.

Amit Kumar Dutta

Executive Manager – Training & Development

Formerly with Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd., Organon (India) Ltd

Core areas: Enhancement of Medical Knowledge, overall personality & communication development of the students in order to make them Confident & Competent for their Induction in the Pharmaceutical Industry, assisted by a team of professionally successful Trainers & Communicators.

Dipankar Chattopadhyay


Formerly with Anglo French

Core areas: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Job Concept, Selling Skills, Soft Skill enhancement and mentoring.

Sumita Sil

MA (English), PGDGSMM
Core areas: Effective Communication with application of verbal and non verbal skills, Soft Skill application techniques, Grooming, Presentation skills, Mentoring.

Shubhra Sen


Formerly with Aristo

Core areas: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Job Concept, Selling Skills, Communication development with one to one interaction.

Aniruddha Chakravarti

Bioscience graduate with Zoology (Hons.), Diploma in Marketing

Formerly with Cipla Ltd.

Core areas: Marketing, Sales and Training.

Amitava Sarkar

M.Sc (Zoology)

Formerly with Eye Care Kilitch Ltd.

Core areas: Active area of interest – Training & HR issue.

Ujjal Banerjee


Formerly with Alembic

Core areas: Assisting in accessing the knowledge and personality development of the students to make them competent to face interview of Pharma companies.

Pinki Basu Choudhury


Formerly with Cipla

Core areas: Employability skill enhancement. How to face the interview board, How to answer irrelevant questions, situation handling.

Jasmine Bhattacharya


Formerly with Cipla

Core areas: Interview techniques, biodata handling, and importance of mobility in this profession.

Mukul Roy


Formerly with Nicholas Piramal

Core areas: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Job Concept, Selling Skills, Soft Skill enhancement.

Suranjan Dasgupta

B.Sc in Zoology Honors (C.U)

Formerly with Astra Zeneca

Core areas: Expertise in Communication Skills and Training

Rajesh Mishra

B.Sc (Hons.)

Formerly with Emcure

Core areas: Selling skill, Job concept, Communication development, Human Anatomy & Physiology.

Panchali Saha Chakraborty

B.Sc in Zoology Hons(C.U), M.Sc in Environmental System Management (Presidency College)

Formerly with Pfizer

Core areas: Communication, Medical Subject

P.K Sarkar


Formerly with Pfizer

Core areas: Training, Sales & Marketing.

Sreejita Saha

Core areas: Communication skills, Soft Skill Development, Personality Development and Grooming, Mentoring.