Pharmacy Assistant

Market Size

The Indian Drug Market is assessed to have a turnover of 20,000 Crores in 2022 – 2023 becoming the third biggest Pharmaceutical Market in terms of volume and the thirteen biggest in terms of value worldwide.

The Pandemic has prompted several companies to turn to the Online Market. The Pharmaceutical Industry is one such significant and crucial sector of the country.

The emergence of web- base pharmacy is an online system that provides a platform for customers to purchase medicinal drugs giving rise to the formation of E – Pharmacy. The growth of the traditional Pharma dispensing channels and the evolution of E – Pharmacies have amounted to huge growth in terms of Career and Job Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a whole.

Course Structure

Pharmacy Assistant Course :

A training program delivered in blended mode for the 10+2 to give them a career with Retail Pharmacy, E-Pharmacy & Hospital Pharmacy. A brief outline of the Pharmacy Assistance course is given below:

  • Drug Related Sessions
  • Business Orientation
  • Medical Orientation
  • Preparation for Interview


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    Pharmacy Assistant Course Details:

    Drug Related Brief

    • Medical Terminology.
    • Types and Classification of Drugs.
    • Branded and Generic Drugs.
    • OTC Medicines.
    • Prescription Reading.

    Business Orientation

    • Soft Skills & Selling Skills.
    • Training on Billing Software.
    • Patient Handling.
    • Job Concept – Role and Responsibility.

    Medical Orientation

    • Understanding of Human Body.
    • Introduction to Pharmacology.
    • Basic First Aid Application.
    • Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Measurement.

    Preparation for Interview

    • Self-Presentation and Biodata Handling.
    • Do’s and Don’ts in the Interview Board.
    • Mock Interview.
    • Tips for Cracking Interview.



    Pharmacy Assistant Course Duration: 2 Months


    Pharmacy Assistant Course Eligibility: 10+2

    Job of Pharmacy Assistant


    The Job of Pharmacy Assistant offers huge career growth to the successful performers. With few years of experience students can go up tha lader to Managerial positions. Experienced Indian Pharmacy Assistant have a world wide demand, and a section of them migrating to Canada and other foreign countries is frequently seen.

    A Retail Pharmacy Assistant can grow within the store to supervisory and managerial positions very quickly if the candidate is smart worker and perform duties with ethics and values.

    A Pharmacy Assistant apart from Counter Sales have a huge scope for lateral shift in Job Responsibilities like Billing, Inventory Management, Rack Distribution, Bar Code and Stickering Section, Hospital Pharmacy, Dispensing, Store, Warehouse and many more.

    Fees Structure


    Course Fees Scholarship You Pay (One time) You Pay (EMI installment)

    Rs. 12,000

    (Twelve Thousand only)

    Rs. 4,000

    (Four Thousand only)

    Rs. 8,000

    (Eight Thousand only)

    Rs. 5,000 + 4,000

    (Nine Thousand only)

    10+2 Candidates who are pursuing graduation and working in the Sector can also shift their Career in Pharma Selling as a Medical Representative on completion of their Graduation.

    Career Growth




    Pharma Aid

    Customer Service Associate


    Job Options

    Counter Sales




    Hospital Dispensing



    FAQ on Pharmacy Assistant Orientation?

    1What are the criteria for choosing Pharmacy Assistant?
    The companies will give preference to those candidates who have the following skill or knowledge of:
    – Medical Terminology.
    – Prescription Reading Ability.
    – Patience & soft skills.
    – Classification & Types of Drugs.

    2What is the Academic Qualification required to get the job?

    • Class X for few posts
    • Class XII for all posts

    3What would be the starting salary of a Pharmacy Assistant?
    You are most likely to get a job in the organised sector. Where along with salary you will get social security benefits like ESIC , EPF , gratuity, bonus and medical allowances.

    Salary varies from company to companies. On joining a fresh candidate can expect to have a take home component of Rs. 10,000/- apart from the deductions. There is scope of overtime and incentive earnings also.

    4Do you give job guarantee?
    Carreograph will provide you with interview opportunities.
    5Do you give repeat placement?
    Only after completion of 2 years of job.

    6I am a weak communicator how can I get job?
    It’s a common problem. Your problem is that you suffer from Lack of confidence while speaking in English. Our Training methods will remove that fear from your mind and you will find yourself in a position to speak. There will be Spoken English, Public Speaking and communication practice sessions in every class during your 2 months Training period.
    7What is career growth I can have in this profession?
    This profession offers high career growth to the candidate who works ethically and are punctual about time.

    Pharma Aid
    Customer Service Associate
    Career Growth

    8What is the normal time to get Promotion?
    In this industry promotion is based on performance and not on seniority or age. A good performer can expect to get a promotion within 1-3 years depending on his performance and capabilities.

    9How can I learn things related to science as I am a student of non-science stream?
    In our training we focus on explanations of scientific matters in lucid language and through the help of audio-visual presentations. We will make the concept clear to you.

    10 Fees Structure of the course?

    • Total Rs. 12000/-
    • Scholarship upto Rs. 4000/-
    • One-Time Payment Rs. 8000/-
    • Instalment Payment Rs. 5000/- + 4000/-

    Contact Details

    Sumana Mukherjee